Military Personnel Analytics

IDB Executive Fellow Emeritus, former Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, and current President of Audio MPEG General Richard Neal, USMC (Ret.) was interviewed by SAS in their “Point of View” video series, which features subject matter experts in thought leadership interviews. For the eighth consecutive year, SAS the leader in business analytics software and services, sponsors the IDB Executive Fellows program.

The topic was “Military Personnel Analytics” and during General Neal’s interview he was able to discuss a variety of issues affecting the Marine Corps that included:

  • How can analytics be used to make RESET more manageable?
  • The Department of Defense is a data rich environment but information poor. How can the United States Marine Corps better utilize the data it already collects to make decisions?
  • One of the current Commandant’s priorities is to better educate and train our Marines to succeed in an increasingly complex environment. How are the IDB programs better equipping upcoming leaders?
  • What are the most important skills current Marines need to have to become successful leaders in the future?

You can view his interview by clicking here or on the image.

General Richard Neal, USMC (Ret.)

IDB Executive Fellow Emeritus General Richard Neal, USMC (Ret.) discusses Military Personnel Analytics

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