International Officers Attend LOGTECH’s Advanced Program in Logistics and Technology

LOGTECH’s Advanced Program in Logistics and Technology‘s 48th offering held March 24-29, 2013 included the largest group of International Officers to date! Representatives of Armed Forces from seven nations joined the joint class of uniformed and civilian participants from all of the U.S. military services, some DoD organizations, and private defense industries.

The International Officers were from the Indonesian National Armed Forces; The Royal Jordanian Army; The Mexican Armed Forces (Fuerzas Armadas de Mexico); The Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces; The Pakistan Armed Forces; Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland; and the Singapore Armed Forces. The bulk of the international students attended the LOGTECH Advanced Program as part of a seven-week International Logistics Executives Advanced Development (ILEAD) program managed by the U.S. Navy Supply School in Newport, Rhode Island. One student attended as part of an annual contingent of U.S. Army War College students completing the program as an academic elective.

One highlight of the week was an international dinner discussion led by Ambassador (Ret.) David C. Litt, the Executive Director for the Center for Stabilization and Economic Reconstruction (CSER) of the Institute for Defense and Business. In that two-hour event the International Officers shared their insights into the role of international logistics in crisis operations with attendees that included members of the class and several other guests.

“These international military logisticians demonstrated the universality of the challenges their American counterparts face in post-disaster or
post-conflict operations,”
said Amb. (Ret.) Litt. “Among these are dealing with the sovereignty and authorities of the affected government, assessing logistics priorities in chaotic situations, and overcoming communication difficulties across different languages and cultures.”

Commander Ibrahim Malja – Castro, from the Mexican Armed Forces (Furzes Armadas de Mexico) aptly summarized the night’s theme of partnership, saying, “We (in the international community) are trying to evolve from neighbors, to friends, to partners.”

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