DAELP Corporate Host of the Month: BAE Systems (February 2014)

For the 11th cohort of the Depot and Arsenal Executive Leadership Program (DAELP), residency 2 was a four-day defense industrial benchmarking tour in Louisville Kentucky, an integral piece of the DAELP curriculum.

BAE LogoThe first stop of the week was a visit to BAE Systems Land and Armament Facility. This is where some of the largest and most complex weapons systems in the U.S. Arsenal are built and repaired. DAELP participants were afforded the opportunity to discuss and interact with the BAE Systems management team and subject matter experts as they toured, observed, and inquired about the various processes and activities throughout the plant, such as operations, manufacturing, assembly, repair and overhaul, supply chain management, and more.

DAELP participants benefited from learning some of BAE Systems’ business practices and excellence techniques as many of the depots and arsenals face similar product size and transportation requirements. The machining, welding, paint operations, and transportation of the naval gun tube and chassis assemblies were of great interest, as were the demonstrations of enterprise resource planning (ERP), product inventory, bills of material (BoM) management and processing, and other software tools.

BAE System Land and Armament facility in Louisville provided an ideal defense industrial benchmarking tour for the program. Unique approaches and solutions for managing the organic industrial bases were shared between both BAE Systems and the DAELP participants.

For their hospitality and help with coordinating, sponsoring, and hosting the tour, we owe a special thanks to:

Mr. Bill Noonan, DAELP X graduate and Government Partnering Manager
Mr. Greg Malysek, Louisville Facility Plant Manager
Mr. Darren Kern, Long Range Missile Program Manager
Ms. Kathy Shields, Administrative Assistant

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