Case Studies

The Cooperation in Stability Operations (CSO) course examines recent, real-world crises and disasters through an in-depth look into first-hand accounts from the various organizational cultures involved.  These case studies discuss the challenges and successes of cooperation amongst the many actors during the post-disaster/post-crisis stabilization effort.  The CSER Team synthesizes the discussions into published case study papers, that highlight the challenges and lessons learned.

The Humanitarian Response to Conflict in Northern Iraq Summer 2014

The ninth offering of CSO (held in April 2015) studied the cooperation amongst the many organizations involved in the humanitarian response to the conflict in Northern Iraq (Summer 2014)

West Africa Ebola Epidemic Response 2014

The participants from the tenth offering of CSO (held in August 2015) inspected the integral role cooperation played between the different cultural actors in the West Africa Ebola Epidemic Response (2014).

Nepal Earthquake (April 2015) [Coming soon...]

Please stay tuned for the case study on the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake.

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