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Our one-week professional education seminars bring a wide range of stabilization and economic reconstruction professionals together with several goals in mind: to build trust and break down barriers; to exchange viewpoints, experiences, and lessons learned; and to forge new networks of cooperation and understanding.

Our current offerings include:

Cooperation in Stability Operations (CSO)

Shifting the stabilization mindset

During stabilization, crisis and disaster response professionals feel a constant pressure to cooperate with other organizations involved in the effort. After all, everyone is working toward a common goal: delivering resources to victims in desperate need.

Yet, in practice, cooperation across all organizations is hindered by misperceptions and biases. And in training and education programs today, these misperceptions are largely unaddressed.

The Cooperation in Stability Operations (CSO) course teaches stabilization professionals in a new way. It begins by addressing misperceptions head-on. Why? The formula is simple: improving perceptions enhances communication; effective communication builds trust; trust promotes effective cooperation.

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Future course offerings to be announced in the coming months.

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Learning Objectives

      • Identify misperceptions, biases, and miscommunications that destroy trust and prevent cooperation
      • Discuss missions, roles, cultures and toolkits of participating organizations
      • Raise the profile of host nations’ public and private sectors in stabilization solutions
      • Expose non-logisticians to the logistics challenges of crisis environments
      • Promote innovation and leadership in overcoming institutional inertia
      • Elicit lessons and best practices from a 360° review of recent high-profile case studies
      • Leverage the residential experience to deepen professional networks across functions and organizational cultures

Who Should Attend

 The desired participant profile is an individual involved in strategy, planning, operations or logistics, knowledgeable in post-disaster/post-conflict environments, with the following experience:

      • O-4 to O-6 military participants
      • GS-13 to GS-15 government employees
      • private sector, non-governmental, or international organization equivalent

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