Programs By Career Stage

Early-career Options:

  • Logistics for the 21st Century (Log21) is designed to give the next generation of logisticians a broad overview of the field of defense logistics. Ideal participants include: private sector personnel three to eight years into their careers; O-2 to O-4 military participants; and GS-12 to GS-13 government employees. It is also appropriate for "second-career" individuals, those who may recently have transitioned into the field of logistics. The desired participant profile is an individual with a keen interest in logistics, a promising future with the firm/agency, and a desire to make an impact. This is a retail program, open to highly motivated government, military and defense industry personnel interested in applying.  Anyone can apply, but often, government agencies, military services, and corporate partners have an internal selection process. To learn more about Log21 click here.  
  • The Strategic Studies Fellows Program (SSFP) is designed to provide a unique leadership development experience to enhance the critical and strategic thinking skills and to increase the knowledge base of U.S. Military officers, federal government personnel, and private sector employees. This program provides broadening opportunities for high-potential O-3 military participants, GS-10 to GS-11 government employees, and private sector equivalents to expand their understanding of national security, strategy, communications, business operations, technology, and change management. To learn more about SSPF, click here.

Early to mid-career Options: 

  • The IU-IDB MBA Program (formerly known as LOGTECH MBA) is a selective two-year full-time MBA program designed for working professionals. On-line course offerings are punctuated by three week-long residencies across the U.S. and one 10-day residency abroad. Each year, 15 to 25 students, representing all the services, Department of Defense agencies, other government entities, and the private sector, are admitted the program, resulting in a diverse student body. The experience level of participants also varies, with a minimum of three years work experience required. Students continue to work full time while pursuing this 80% online and 20% residential program. The average time commitment is 15-20 hours per week. Application is by competitive selection. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required.  To learn more about The IU-UNC LogMBA Program, click here

Mid-career Options: 

  • Depot and Arsenal Executive Leadership Program (DAELP) serves the commanders and senior civilian leaders of our Nation’s Depot and Arsenal facilities, focused at the O-6 or civilian equivalent career level (O-5 by exception). Army depot participants are selected by Army Materiel Command, the executive agent for DAELP. Other service depots and select private sector partners are invited to participate. To learn more about DAELP, click here.  
  • Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program (LCELP) is a week-long executive education program designed for PEO’s, PEM’s, PM’s, contract team members, and system integrators from the military services, the DoD, and the private sector. Ideal participants include: O4-O6 grade military officers; GS-13 to GS-15 government civilians; and private sector equivalents. The program is designed for both non-engineers and engineers interested in developing a deeper understanding of life cycle theories, practices, and techniques. To learn more about LCELP click here.
  • The Advanced Program in Logistics and Technology (LOGTECH Advanced Program) serves O-4 to O-6 grade military officers, GS-13 to GS-15 civilians and comparable private sector participants. Logisticians with responsibility for providing executive direction will benefit significantly from participation in the Advanced program. Military and government participants apply through their respective service points of contact. Private sector participants at partner companies are often identified through internal selection, but limited space is available for companies that do not yet have established formal relationships with the IDB. To learn more about the LOGTECH Advanced Program, click here. 
  • The Executive Seminar in Stabilization and Economic Reconstruction provides the opportunity for a common knowledge foundation leading to more effective collaboration among military, interagency, and private sector actors in stabilization scenarios. Stability operations are a core U.S. military mission that the Department of Defense must be prepared to conduct, support, and execute with a priority comparable to combat operations. Stabilization must be explicitly addressed and integrated across all DOD activities.  This program is designed for personnel at the O-5, O-6, GS-14, and GS-15 levels (O-4 and GS-13 by exception), as well as their private sector counterparts, both commercial and non-profit.  The desired participant profile is an individual with relevant experience and operational or planning responsibilities in stabilization and economic revitalization. To learn more about these seminars, click here.

Executive-level Career Options: 

  • The Program for Executives in Logistics and Technology (LOGTECH Executive Program) serves Flag-level military officers (O-6 by exception), Senior Executive Service civilians, and comparable level private sector participants. Experienced leaders who set the strategic direction and vision for their respective organizations, as well as those who must deal with complex organizational transformations are ideally suited for the Executive program. Military participants apply through their respective service points of contact. Private sector participants at partner companies are often selected through internal selection, but limited space is available for companies that do not yet have established formal relationships with the IDB. To learn more about the LOGTECH Executive Program, click here.

Career-spanning Options:

  • Economics and Governance Pre-deployment Roundtables focus on major military units deploying to Iraq and/or to Afghanistan. The roundtables provide the Commanding Generals of these units and their senior staffs with the opportunity to focus on and develop their governance and economic lines of operations plans and strategies. The roundtables are organized around the principles of unity and continuity of effort with the Army Division/Brigade or Marine Expeditionary Force/Brigade (MEF/MEB) being replaced. A key objective of each roundtable is information exchange among the unit’s senior staff, senior representatives of U.S. Government agencies such as United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Departments of State, Treasury, Commerce and Agriculture, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGO's), international organizations, chambers of commerce, the private sector, academic institutions and think tanks. Allied and foreign military representatives can also participate. Participation in roundtables is by invitation only.  To learn more about pre-deployment roundtables, click here.
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