Custom Programs and Research

Invest in your organization’s success by leveraging high quality education and professional development experiences.  The IDB will work with your team to create an educational experience that is aligned with your human resources and business strategies to achieve a customized solution for your workforce professional development needs. 

Since 1999, the IDB has designed customized executive education, business degree programs, and research projects leveraging the synergies of our prestigious academic, corporate, and government partners. Through this unique group of experts, we are able to bring these thought leaders together to design solutions to the complex challenges that your organization faces. 

Our team will work with you to create an exceptional educational experience using the following philosophy and principles:

    • Content
      • Provided by leading experts grounded in both research and practice
      • Includes conceptual frameworks and practice-oriented tools to leverage leadership actions
      • Aligns with the business strategy
    • Context
      • Provides an opportunity for dialogue on barriers to change implementation
      • Includes study trips and  benchmarking tours
      • Uses experiential and project based learning
    • Community of Leadership
      • Provides opportunities for powerful peer-based learning  and sharing interdisciplinary perspectives
      • Engages new relationships to support working together toward common goals
    • Convening
      • Uses a variety of learning strategies to support learning:  simulations, business case analyses, study groups, team building activities
      • Leverages the collective wisdom against real work problems
      • Provides an immersion learning experience with opportunities for reflection and planning away from distractions
    • Change Catalyst
      • Supports strategic focus and innovative solutions
      • Focuses on role of leaders to create change
      • Increases change readiness by inspiring and motivating urgency
    • Course Leadership and Service
      • Works with you to create course adaptations
      • Provides support and integration during the educational experience using a personalized service model


To learn more about how we can customize your organization’s next educational program or research project, contact

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