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The corporate residency component of the DAELP has been designed to be a unique leadership development experience, supporting the DoD and military services’ strategies to achieve the transformation of U.S. military forces. During the corporate residency period, participants will learn about today’s corporate realities, such as organizational strategy and change management, operations and service quality, financial metrics and market drivers in the private sector. Participants will be able to compare private sector practices to their own duty station environment and apply lessons learned to their own organization.

During the corporate residency, participants will be placed with leading private sector firms and paired with senior executive mentors. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with executives and managers in a variety of business units within the company and will engage in both a horizontal and vertical survey and overview of the organization’s operations.

The corporate residency period runs from February to May. Participants spend 2-4 weeks on-site with a major corporation and can work with these corporations to optimize their schedules. Each participant works with his or her faculty advisor, as well as with his or her senior executive corporate mentor, to develop a learning plan for the corporate residency period.

We welcome new corporate hosts to participate in this mutually beneficial leadership development experience.   

DAELP Corporate Residency Overview


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