DAELP Executive Education

The Depot and Arsenal Executive Leadership Program (DAELP) provides the commanders and senior leaders of today’s Army depots and arsenals with a comprehensive, integrated picture of executive leadership and enterprise management principle tools in order to achieve organizational excellence. The goals, objectives and benefits of the program are as follows:

DAELP Objectives

  • To support leaders within the industrial base in meeting leadership and cultural challenges of the manufacturing, repair and overhaul environments.
  • To equip participants to lead organizational change and business process improvement.


  • To increase participants’ knowledge and skills preparing them for increased leadership and management responsibilities.
  • To provide participants with new perspectives on business processes and practice.
  • To provide participants with a thought-provoking “private-sector” learning experience.
  • To have participants apply what has been learned to a current strategic organizational change initiative.

DAELP Benefits

The program value is derived from all of the components including program content, faculty, extended format, worksite project, and corporate residency experience as well as overall opportunity for interaction and discussion. The program provides an opportunity to:

  • Time away from the day-to-day business to interact with experts about topics relevant to improving organizational performance.
  • Learn from colleagues with similar challenges and to share ideas and practices that are successful within the industrial base environment.
  • Gain insight about how their organization compares with industry and other military service depots.
  • Help shape a leadership vision and concentrate on key opportunities to leverage organizational change.
  • Acquire a general management and cross-functional perspective from leading experts, colleagues, and senior corporate sector executives.

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