Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear?

There is no need for business or military attire until the graduation during Residency 5; civilian business casual dress (such as slacks, polo or button-down shirts, and blouses) is appropriate for all class sessions. Because the weather can be unpredictable, we suggest that you bring clothing that can be "layered." We also recommend bringing a light jacket or sweater to class with you as the large classrooms can sometimes be cool for some. We have fitness facilities available so please be sure to bring fitness attire if you choose to utilize them.

What is the Format of the Classes?

Classes are taught at The Friday Center and The Center for School Leadership Development. Classes generally begin at 8:00 AM and end between 4:00 and 5:00 PM. There are a varying number of speakers each day ranging from one to four.

Will my Meals be Covered?

All meals during the program will be covered. Breakfast will be served at the Courtyard Marriott and the classroom venue along with coffee service each morning prior to the beginning of class with a break for lunch mid-day. In addition, there will be a light snack provided in the afternoon. Dinner will be organized some evenings and up to individual preference others, with a stipend provided.

Where Will I Stay?

All participant lodging is provided by the Courtyard Marriott Chapel Hill.

Will I have Internet Access?

Internet access is available at both the Courtyard Marriott and the classroom facilities.

Additional Questions or Concerns? Please feel free to contact Ted Sturgeon or Lara Taylor at (919) 969-8008.


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