A Defense-Focused Global MBA

Today’s business environment is complex. The IU-IDB MBA degree program is an opportunity for “shoulder-to-shoulder” learning in which students from the military, government agencies, and private sector collaborate to master the global business knowledge and leadership skills needed to successfully navigate the complexity of global organizations.

Since 2002, the IDB has developed and delivered this innovative two-year MBA program with a focus on corporate, military, and government logistics. Most recently, the program has grown to cover expanding to strategic management and additional areas of and finance over the past few years.  Students graduate with an MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. 

High-impact Structure
Bringing real-world challenges to the forefront of classroom discussion and through an applied project on their organizations, students maximize their return on investment, graduating with practical knowledge they have applied and can immediately implement to drive impact in their workplace.

Flexible Delivery
For military students who might be deployed or for traveling professionals, the program allows students to continue their studies and work in teams no matter where they are located.

Approximately 80 percent of the academic work is accomplished online through content-rich online learning tools. To supplement online coursework, students also participate in four residences, including an international trip to study global business practices.

Professional Development
Students examine and polish their executive skills during the residential periods through communications and negotiations interactive courses. Career services and guidance are provided. Access to a strong alumni network is available.

Global and Domestic Strategic Exposure
Through multi-day international and U.S. based residencies, students tour commercial, government, and academic institutions; have discussions with organizational leaders; and compare and analyze economic, cultural, and business differences amongst different areas of the world. Students gain a broadened perspective on global issues.

Qualified, Supportive Team
Student recieve dedicated support and one-of-a-kind education through the IU-IDB collaboration:

Indiana University (IU)
Educational Provider
Consistently ranked among the top, IU’s Kelley School of Business brings years of experience with distance learning to the classroom to provide students with a well-rounded, global business perspective. IU delivers the core online curriculum and proffers the coveted MBA degree.

The Institute for Defense and Business (IDB)
Program Administrator
Big ideas start small. IDB specializes in bringing diverse audiences together in close-knit academic settings to foster collaboration that ignites the spark behind the next big idea. IDB has administered the MBA program since 2002.



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