Program Requirements

Students entering the IU-IDB MBA program are required to fulfill the degree requirements of the program that are in effect when the student matriculates. All candidates who complete the degree requirements are conferred the Master of Business Administration degree and a certificate in the area of concentration from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.

Graduation Requirements
In order to receive the IU-IDB MBA degree as described above, the candidate must:

  • Apply and be admitted into the IU-IDB MBA program
  • Complete 48 semester hours of graduate work with no individual course grades below a "C-”
  • Compile a 2.75 or better cumulative grade point average in all graduate business coursework (if student’s GPA falls below 2.75, the student is on Academic Probation and has two semesters to bring the GPA back up to 2.75)
  • Meet all of the course requirements as stated in this document for the IU-IDB MBA cohort
  • Complete all of the above requirements within three calendar years of initial matriculation (Note: The program is planned to be completed “lock-step” with your cohort; however, if exceptional circumstances arise, some flexibility may be possible)
  • File an "Application for Graduation Form” with the IU-IDB MBA Program Office during the semester prior to the final semester before graduation
  • Grading Systems and Requirements

The official grading system and the grade point values are:
   A+ or A = 4.0    
   A- = 3.7
   B+ = 3.3
   B = 3.0
   B- = 2.7
   C+ = 2.3 
   C = 2.0
   C- = 1.7     
   D+ = 1.3
   D = 1.0
   D- = 0.7
   F = 0.0 

No points are assigned for the following grade symbols: I (incomplete), NC (no credit), NR (no report filed by the instructor), S/F (satisfactory/failure), or W (withdrawn).

Based on the above values, a student must compile a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.78 in all Graduate School of Business coursework to remain in good academic standing and to complete graduation requirements.  Courses not approved as a part of the student's IU-IDB MBA curriculum will not be included in calculation of the IU-IDB MBA GPA (Grade Point Average).

The following policies apply:

  • Only courses with grades of "C-" or better will count toward the necessary hours for graduation, although ALL grades (except ineligible coursework and transfer credit) are used in computing the GPA.
  • If a "D+", "D" or "D-" is earned, the hours will NOT count toward graduation, but the grade will be used in calculating the GPA. The course cannot be repeated; additional course work to replace the hours and review work will be recommended by the Director.
  • If an "F" is received in a course, the hours will NOT count toward graduation and the grade will be used to calculate the GPA.

Pass/Fail Option
IU-IDB MBA students may not enroll in graduate coursework for credit toward the MBA degree under the pass/fail option.

Incomplete Grades
An "incomplete" indicates that the student has achieved a passing grade in the course as of the end of the semester but a relatively small part of the course has not been completed. In order to give a grade of "I", the faculty member must agree with a request for an incomplete. The faculty member must file an “Incomplete Form” which states the reason for the incomplete, the requirements for completion, and when the course is expected to be completed.  The following additional rules apply to Incompletes:

  • If the work required to remove the "incomplete" is not finished before the beginning of the next quarter, enrollment in subsequent courses may not be approved.  For example, if an "I" is assigned in one of the courses in the Fall Quarter of year one, the student may not be allowed to enroll for the Winter Quarter until requirements of the “incomplete” are fulfilled. Approval to enroll in a subsequent module with an “I” on the record must be obtained from the Director of the IU-IDB MBA.
  • If an "incomplete" ("I") is not removed within one year from its assignment, an "F" is automatically recorded for the course.
  • A candidate cannot re-enroll in a course in which a grade of "I" has been received.
  • A candidate cannot be certified for graduation until his record is cleared of all "Incompletes" in both electives and required course work.

There are times when the "W" is an appropriate grade. The "W" indicates that the course has not been successfully completed and therefore the student may not progress to the next semester's course work.

Preparation Guidelines
At times, students will find that they need to take additional courses to assure that they have the appropriate basic skills to be successful in this program. If students have not had college level statistics, accounting, or computing applications courses within the last five years, they should discuss their situation with the program administrator immediately. Accounting and/or Statistics Primers are available to incoming students who do not meet the below criteria. If students need to strengthen their skills in any area, it is suggested that they take these courses prior to starting the IU-IDB MBA program.

Statistics – A college-level course or equivalent must have been taken in the last five years with a B- grade or better.  If no previous statistics courses have been taken, there are many fundamental statistical analysis courses available online or at local institutions.

Accounting – A college-level financial accounting course or equivalent must have been taken in the last five years with a B- grade or better.  If no previous accounting courses have been taken, then the following or a similar course should be taken prior to the first quarter.

Computing Applications – Students must be able to work in a PC-compatible environment and have frequent internet access. Students must be familiar with Excel in particular.

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