Learning Objectives

The Life Cycle Executive Leadership Program was designed to increase participants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities while linking them to a broader network of industry peers.  It reinforces practical “working” strategies, expanding and facilitating knowledge transfer and cooperation within and among participating organizations and provides world-class academic instruction, peer interaction, and in-depth exchanges with military and private sector counterparts.

 Learning Objectives

•    Life Cycle Approaches to Systems Design and Improvement        learning object.jpg
•    Concurrent Engineering and Design for Sustainment
•    Capability-driven Strategy
•    Investment in Life Cycle Approaches
•    Disruptive Technology & Organizational Innovations
•    Wireless Communications for Strategic Innovation
•    Leadership for Change
•    Reducing Life Cycle Costs in the Supply Chain
•    Successes in Life Cycle Cost Reduction/Investment




     “Lifecycle organization and management is a team sport. You need leaders in the civilian, uniformed military, and contractor communities to integrate their efforts. The only place I'm aware of in the country where these communities come together is at the IDB.  The exchange of information among these communities creates a powerful learning experience and forges strong networks that can be leveraged to solve future challenges.”

                                                                                                             -VADM Paul Sullivan, IDB Fellow Emeritus


General Babbitt’s, USAF (Ret.) remarks to LCELP

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