Learning Objectives

  • Gain insight into cutting-edge enabling technologies and business practices.
  • Learn how business solutions have been employed across the public and private sectors to support logistics and sustainment strategies.
  • Provide a well-timed forum and integrated educational experience that builds upon and complements career-long development.
  • Develop skills, knowledge and attributes leading to more effective employee performance.
  • Provide participants with practical experience they can apply immediately in their work environment.
  • Expose corporate logisticians to the often complex world of DoD budgeting and contracting practices.
  • Present educational and networking opportunities for individuals from the private sector, DoD, and the Services, who are responsible for the implementation of future logistics initiatives.

Upon completion of Log21 participants will walk away with a greater understanding of defense logistics and a more complete appreciation of how their work fits into this wider world. 

MG Vinny Boles, USA (Ret.) remarks to LOG21


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