Strategic Studies Fellows Programs

Developing a Fellowship of Strategic Leaders
Equipped to Address the Complex Issues of Tomorrow


The 38th Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, GEN Raymond Odierno, called for broadening education for the Army’s best and brightest Majors, Captains, Chief Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and Civilians following years of multiple deployments.  Since 2012, the IDB has responded to this request by developing and delivering custom graduate-level strategic broadening seminars to prepare tomorrow's strategic leaders.  IDB's Strategic Studies Fellows Programs (SSFPs) provide intense, in-residence, academic opportunities for fellowship of young national security professionals to gain exposure to new concepts, challenge their critical thinking practices, coalesce their experiences, and prepare for future levels of responsibility in the complex world of tomorrow.


There are currently two Strategic Studies Fellows Programs available for enrollment:


UNC-IDB Strategic Studies Fellows Program


IU-IDB Strategic Studies Fellows Program

SSFPs are open-enrollment programs that seek a diverse mix of driven individuals from all military services, government agencies, and the private sector.  These broadening programs provide the Fellows with a well-rounded understanding of national security and policy decision making while honing their executive skill sets.

IDB's SSFPs are designed to:

  1. Introduce the Fellows to the tools and knowledge base essential for operating in a complex world through the non-military lens,
  2. Present them with an in-depth overview of strategic thought and management processes that define executive leadership in both the national security and corporate worlds, and
  3. Exclusive access to a life-long network of driven peers, senior retired national security members, academic thought leaders and career professionals.
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