Curriculum and Format

The Fellows are immersed into a robust campus experience that maintains a healthy student to faculty ratio. The students participate in discussions and debates, leveraging their own professional experience with the lessons and experiences of the faculty and speakers as it applies to the US foreign policy and national security realm.  Along with learning, the students also exercise their personal skill sets throughout the program, which enhances their overall professional development. 

The SSFP curriculum’s core themes are:

  • National Security Decision-Making
  • Strategic View of the U.S. Government
  • Strategic Global Outlook
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communications

Faculty examine important and relevant topics including the critical drivers of global conflict of the 21st century, emerging systems of global governance, the future of NATO, cybersecurity and securing access to the global commons, professional development skill sets such as communications and negotiations best practices, and other thought provoking subjects. 

In addition to studying and discussing graduate level material and participating in strategic industry visits, the Fellows also engage in an inventive Capstone project to graduate with strong foundational knowledge and understanding of where the U.S. Army stands on the global stage and how to strategically anticipate and respond to future conflicts in an uncertain future.

Upon graduation, the students will receive a joint certificate from the IDB and IU and membership into the growing alumni network of the Institute for Defense and Business.

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