Who Should Attend?

SSFP is designed for students that possess the following qualifications and qualities:

  • O-3 to O-4 Officers, W-3 to W-4 Warrant Officers, and E-7 to E-9 Non-Commissioned Officers from all military services (across branches); GS-10 to GS-14 Government Civilians; and Private Sector Managers with equivalent experience
  • An undergraduate degree
  • An intense desire to advance to greater levels of responsibility
  • The propensity to learn and have a desire to expand his or her perspective as a young professional
  • A candidate with high-potential and a strong desire to make an impact

If you fit this profile and are interested in attending a future offering of the UNC-IDB Strategic Studies Fellows Program, please contact Zebrina Warner or Jaclyn Young

SSFP-Gardner-2012.12.11.jpg“The UNC-IDB SSFP is the perfect opportunity to step outside of your normal zone of comfort, explore new ideas and approaches to thought.  Unlike many fellowships, it does not take you away from 'the line' for extended periods of time.  It allows you to gain a new perspective and immediately apply and spread the knowledge.”  –U.S. Army Captain Rocknee Gardner, UNC-IDB SSFP Class of 2012


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